4 Reasons Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

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A Streetcar Named DesireA Streetcar Named Desire

If Unsolved Mysteries did an episode on this, I swear on my well-being they still wouldn’t have an answer. The great mystery of why good girls love bad guys continues to be another tally on my “why did I even go for his type?” list.  So to all the John Mayers of the world (Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly, need I say more?) we’re calling you out on your bad boy antics and sending all our lady-friends a little food for thought. Let’s get down to business, shall we? 

1. It’s taboo.

When your best friend, your sister, and your roommate tell you not to go for this guy, you find it your calling in life to prove them wrong. I’m talking about the one guy who everyone knows is dubbed un-dateable. Okay, so his track record with girls isn’t exactly…

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What About Love?

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“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn

When the word love seems fleeting and the notion of this word is rejected because of the unending blundering of failed relationships after failed relationships, all I can say now is, I’ve found love.

These are just a few simple things that I realized earlier on, but these things are powerful enough to define such a great abstraction – love. (NOTE: This all in my point of view.)

For one, you find love from your family, which is ultimately something that cannot be replaced nor replicated. This type of love is probably the type of love which is taken for granted. People won’t realize the importance of having that love for their family. Often we take for granted those opportunities to finally be with…

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An essay by The Gaggle’s Katie Gregory.

Romantic movies have ruined my life.

Like, my life is never going to resemble anything that ever happens in a “chick flick” (ugh at that name), or even a rom-com for that matter. Does anything romantic ever happen to anyone in real life? My ex of five years ago once showed me his dick on Skype and I gave it a thumbs up. Does that count as romance? If anyone actually attempted to do anything remotely “romantic” to me I would probably recoil in fear. Maybe that’s just me, though. MAYBE I AM EMOTIONALLY STUNTED.

In any case, I’ve decided to get loaded and tear apart the classic movie The Notebook. We all know it. We all love it. If you don’t love it, you’re lying, you liar. I’ve been drinking a very special “liquor” called “Kinky Liquor” and it is pink…

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I believe you are my person. I love you, even though you don’t love me. I love you, even though there’s nothing in it for me anymore. There’s just loving you, but that’s enough for me. I find you to be one of the most exquisite humans I’ve ever met, and knowing you is all it takes to love you. I don’t need anything in return. Getting to be acquainted with your intelligence, depth, understanding, endurance, humor, wisdom, (I could go on), is what love is, and it’s why I choose to love you so intently.

Thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself. I pushed away because I believed that I wasn’t worthy of love. I came back because I thought you were the only person who cared.

But you weren’t, and you’re not. You were, however, the person with whom I fell most intensely in love…

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This Is How We Say Goodbye

I Love You, Mom!

“It’s the most beautiful time of the year.” says the song.

Probably not for me.  I know. I sound bitter and pessimistic. It’s just that I’m here you’re there. We’re just too far apart. Yeah. Some might say that I should be used to the distance since I never did grew up with you but still knowing that you can’t pay a visit saddens me. Minsan iniisip ko, what if what happened in the pasts didn’t happen. What if we’re all still together. Sabi nga dun sa nabasa ko, nakaraan nga yun pero malaki pa rin ang epekto sa hinaharap. I’ve been living with the what if’s all my life but I need to suck it up, deal with it and get on with my life. That’s what I am doing. I hope. 

Ang dami kong sinabi, ang gusto ko lang naman sabihin sayo is that I love you. I miss you and that no one can ever replace you in me. Kahit ilang oras pa ang nasayang nila sakin, mas gusto ko pa rin yung kakaunting oras na kasama kita.  


That’s it. I LOVE YOU, MOM!