Who Am I? :)

This is my very first post. 🙂


So here goes.

First I just want to say that I am a NURSING student and no an ENGLISH MAJOR. Don’t mind any grammatical errors if there are any. This is my personal blog. I bash. I do random rant and I post my thoughts or anything. I trash talk, and I am sorry in advance.


I am a Conformist. Hindi lang halata dahil mahilig akong makipag argue. (Coz it’s fun.)

I see myself only as bookwise. Hindi ako madiskarte. I am more on written than practical. Ewan, self-perception lang naman. Takot kasi ako. I was sheltered. I guess that’s a side effect or whatsoever.

I see myself as a no non-sense person. Pero masayahin rin naman ako. Ayoko lang ng masyadong corny.

I am a person of the present. Past is past. Future is future. I can’t even see myself being married. Hindi naman sa wala akong plano sa buhay. Everyone wants to be succesful pero settling down I just don’t worry about it. I’m just too young to think about those things. Minsan nga pag may mga friends ako dinidiscuss yun like sinasabi nila kailangan pag 27 may anak na sila. I totally feel like freaking out. Haha. OA na kung OA pero OA rin sila noh!


Basically, that’s it. That’s me. Pretty boring huh? 🙂


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